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Digital transformation


Achieving your organisational goals by means of digitalisation, that is what you want to achieve, and that’s usually more than just a nice ‘return on investment’. You already know that this is not just an IT project, that it also involves an organisational change, that new competencies are needed and that this has proven difficult in the past. Next Ready Partners is able, with all our experience, to steer digitalisation in the right direction, to add real value and to realise long-lasting results. Next Ready Partners takes care of a proper set-up for all relating projects. We assure that the puzzle, which needs to be solved, between strategy and digitisation, is not addressed as an assignment for IT or the CIO alone.

This is our approach

Digitisation has many faces. Implementing new IT systems, digitising existing processes, starting up digital services, working in a case-oriented way in the Cloud. It all goes hand in hand with new ways of working. These are not IT projects, but organisational transformations with an IT component. The impact on the organisation is big and so is the risk of failure. This requires a well-organised but also flexible approach. Next Ready Partners helps you as the sponsor, the project team and your organisation to be successful in achieving your objectives. We pay special attention to the creation of a clear project management structure, the translation of strategic goals into project objectives, the management of risks and an integrated approach to competence development. With this, we ensure connection with the various teams and secure success for the future.

This is how it works

We temporarily become part of your organisation. We actively contribute to its success. Together, we determine the strategy for getting from A to B(etter). The methodology we choose can differ per (sub)project. Think of Prince2, Agile, Scrum, Lean Six Sigma or a mix of these.

By using this approach

  • You have and maintain insight in the projects, the progress, the expected costs.
  • Your stakeholders will be permanently involved and you will develop support from the start.
  • The organisation will be optimally prepared for the new reality.
  • There will be a solid structure for the future.
  • Your employees learn how to successfully realise projects.


Than be sure to contact Arie Huisman and ask fora n informal conversation.

+31 6 15 01 45 82

What our clients tell us

“I do hope that you will continue to be involved in our future projects.”


“NRP managed our Oracle EBS Cloud project very well for us. NRP gained instant acceptance of our employees. NRP was able to build strong trust and confidence with the country managers and the executive board, needed to make the project a success.”


“Well done. Congratulations on going live with Case-Oriented Working. Our new customer portal makes it possible to register and handle objections, requests for postponement of payment and customer questions. I am eager to learn more about your approach and the lessons learned for our other projects.”


Target audience

Sponsors of digitalisation projects, who understand that temporary help from outside can be a crucial to realisation and lasting success.