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Client case

Great team and methodologies lead to success


The client was dealing with an outdated ERP system, poorly adjusted to the current business situation. Maintenance costs to keep the ERP system up and running were increasing, partly caused by international changes in laws and regulations. This led to a migration from AX2009 to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. On top of that, the organisation’s growth to a turnover of more than 250 million euros required a redesign of the management warehouse processes.

This project was led by Maarten. Maarten creates trust. With his energy, enthusiasm and experience, he is able to inspire project team members and develop well performing (project) teams, capable of getting a new ERP system up and running a month ahead of schedule.


From an “old” on-premise ERP system to a new ERP system which is managed in the cloud, is way more than just a technical change. That is why we opted for an approach in which we first put a small, less complex subsidiary on the new system. This allowed us to properly control the technology and the system. One of the important changes in this case, is that organisations have to anticipate for new software versions that suppliers push through (Microsoft in this case). If you don’t implement new versions yourself, it will be done for you. As a result, the organisation has to test more frequently. 

After six months of experience with the new system, we took a big step as a team. We migrated the largest, most complex subsidiary (with the most interfaces, highest volumes and dependencies) to the new platform. As project methodology we opted for a scrum approach and a team that was composed on the basis of Belbin profiles. As a result, the project core team members knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses. By closely following the chosen project methodology and because of this high performing team, we managed to go live a month ahead of schedule, within budget and with the desired quality.


A new ERP system, which was available to the company ahead of schedule, allowing faster and easier processing of future changes in laws and regulations. New, more efficient warehouse processes, with scanning and computer-controlled picking and packing as the standard. An ERP system that uses new technologies for mobile applications and new techniques (machine learning) and provides a number of new functionalities that users were waiting for.

Decisive factors during this project

Every project has setbacks, difficult phases and time and budget constraints. One of the pitfalls in this project was that we wanted to make the system even more beautiful and added more functionality than agreed. After all, the project was running on schedule, so why not? NRP has been able to distinguish itself by bringing in an experienced project manager, who is able to distinguish main and side issues. Who was rigorous when it comes to planning and remained focused on realising business benefits. A project leader who motivated and inspired the team and who acted as a catalyst by introducing best practices.