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Client case

Learning & Development on track


The Dutch branch of an international, listed pharmaceutical company was not satisfied with the internal training function. The training function was highly fragmented, insufficiently strategic and the level of the learning interventions was of variable quality. They had no overview, they did not know whether the compliance rules were being met and they had no control over expenditure. They wanted an audit and recommendations.

Juul Mulder carried out this process, supervised the process and (temporarily) led the L&D team. She has the necessary management and business experience. She achieves the set goals in co-production, taking the organization a step further, instead of taking over responsibility. Juul works in a structured way and is able to do what is necessary. Characteristic are her sharp analyzes, high involvement and clarity towards her clients.


In this project we started with an inventory of the existing situation, through interviews, viewing existing systems, reviewing data and existing documentation. At the same time, efforts were made to create support. Key figures in the organization and all Learning & Development employees were included in the process from the start. After just one week, the first findings were discussed within the MT, so that there were no surprises and all questions and concerns were addressed early. Both the qualities and the points for improvement with regard to the training function were highlighted and different solution directions were examined in collaboration with the customer.

Ultimately, they opted for a change process with Juul Mulder as interim manager Learning & Development. With the existing team of Learning & Development employees and in close consultation with the HR director, training policy and strategy were determined, budgets set and checked, processes and systems improved and the learning interventions matched the demand. In addition, the team was further developed. Finally, a new Learning & Development manager was hired and the work transferred.


A training function that contributes to the achievement of the strategy and the associated objectives. A training function that contributes to the development and retention of employees at a time when employees were drawn on all sides. Development policies and systems that help in making choices with regard to limited resources (time, money, people). And a Learning & Development team that works together with great pleasure and success, is required by the business, makes use of each other’s qualities and continues to develop itself.

Decisive factors during this project

A clear and transparent analysis of the existing situation. A major contribution from the organization in the chosen solution directions. And above all, a Learning & Development team that grows closer to each other, complements each other, continues to connect with the business, remains critical (on itself and on others) and is always ready for each other.