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Project portfolio scan


Do you recognise this? People are working on several projects at the same time and doing a little bit of everything. New projects are added to the growing list of active projects. The result is a lack of focus and ultimately a delayed delivery with a lower quality. Do you want more structure in the realisation of your projects? Do you want better choices and more added value? Portfolio management is an effective way to set a clear course for organisations and to make simpler decisions about which projects to start or to continue and which not. This makes it an extremely valuable investment, which always pays for itself.

This is it

Portfolio management is the decision-making process in which (new) projects and programmes are evaluated, selected and prioritised in order to achieve organisational goals. The objective is to find a balance between implementing change and maintaining operations while optimising the return on investment. Together with you, we create a project portfolio for the next few years in line with your strategy, for a specific department or for the entire organisation. The project portfolio scan is ideally carried out before a budgeting round.

This is how it works

Step one is to gain insight into the current situation. Together, we go through the list of active projects, their status and how they contribute to achieving the organisation’s objectives. Then we add all the ideas and projects that are in the pipeline. In one or more workshops with the board and/or department heads, we evaluate, select and prioritise your projects. NRP will not only assist you in the process of creating a project portfolio, but will also provide substantive input on which projects we think should be included in the portfolio. The lead time of a project portfolio scan is normally a few weeks.

As a result of this scan

  • There is one list of current projects, including owners, statuses, expected revenues and expected costs to complete the projects.
  • There is a list of projects you will be working on in the coming year(s) that is in line with your strategy and organisational objectives.
  • You know whether project management capacity needs to be added, and if so, how much.
  • You are able to realise a faster and cheaper project delivery.


Then be sure to contact Maarten Broekhuizen and ask for an informal conversation.

+31 6 51 88 55 49

What our clients tell us

“The mere insight into our list of current projects made us face the facts. We want too much. Insight gives real perspective.”


“NRP’s approach is easy to follow, no thick slide decks and with respect to our organisational culture. The structure that you have introduced brings peace of mind in our IT department.”


“Highly competent, both in terms of broad content and project management –
very results-oriented –
hands-on mentality –
hugely flexible / agile –
a lot of energy / positivity – extremely pleasant cooperation.”


Target audience

Executives, department managers and programme leaders who want to create a project portfolio or have it analysed.