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Ready for change scan


Change is the only constant in organisations, especially as part of a project or program. Sometimes these changes are minor improvements, sometimes the changes are more fundamental and really affect the way employees do their job. You are working on a nice improvement project and things seem to be going well, but still you want more certainty. Is the organisation really ready for the upcoming changes? Next Ready Partners has developed a special scan for this purpose. This scan provides insight into the aspects that are going well and the areas where improvements are needed.

This is it

The ‘Ready for Change Scan’ quickly shows how important your stakeholders and your employees view the upcoming change. This could be a new system, new processes, a new product or an entirely new way of working. We look at your objectives, leadership, and commitment. We look at the extent to which different parts of the organisation are prepared and the way in which the change is structurally secured. We provide a clear picture of the current situation and advice you on areas for improvement.

This is how it works

The scan starts with an intake with the sponsor of the project or program. We discuss the outcomes you want to realise and identify risk areas together. We interview a number of stakeholders, who are directly involved, and carry out a digital survey among the other employees. The results provide insight into the parts that go well and the areas you need to work on, to better prepare the organisation for the changes ahead. Based on our experience, we use the following five perspectives: 

  • Leadership – are your leaders sufficiently prepared?
  • Organisational impact – how is this estimated and does it match reality?
  • Communication – is communication to all employee groups in place and effective?
  • Transition – are employees sufficiently prepared for the change?
  • Continuous improvement – are processes and governance in place?

As a result of this scan

  • You have insight in the areas of improvement for the project or program and an advice on how to tackle these areas of improvement.
  • You can implement that advice, with or without our help.
  • You have a method to apply more often in projects or programs.


Than be sure to contact Arie Huisman and ask fora n informal conversation.

+31 6 15 01 45 82

What our clients tell us

“NRP carried out a scan for the implementation of our new ERP system. The results immediately made us postpone going live. Although we thought we had everything under control, departments and employees were really inadequately prepared and insufficiently trained. Going live would have been a disaster. I’m glad we were able to prevent that.”


“We had a good program going, with promising results. A lot of things were going well. Nevertheless, the NRP scan made it clear that a number of things needed to be improved. This enabled us to make well-founded and informed adjustments, based on the perception of the new users and in good time. A good programme became even better!”

Target audience

Sponsors and program managers who want to know whether the organisation is ready for the change ahead.