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Situational leadership


Are you relatively new to the role of manager or project leader and would you like to have more guidance in managing your team members? Are you curious what coaching leadership entails and when you can delegate? Do you find it difficult to judge when you should or should not tell someone how to do his/her work? We offer a very practical workshop with personal follow-up calls.

This is it

Situational leadership is a form of leadership in which you make your leadership style and approach subordinate to the needs of your team members. In other words, you observe, estimate and ask what your team members need in a certain situation and adjust your behaviour accordingly. Are you dealing with an employee who masters the task at hand or someone who has just started? Is it a task that someone really enjoys doing or is that person a bit reluctant? This means that in one situation you might delegate and let go, while in another you coach, or you direct and monitor closely.

This is how it works

The Situational Leadership I workshop, for new managers and project leaders, consists of two plenary sessions or three online sessions (or a combination of both), followed by three coaching sessions. Before the first session, there is a short intake and the participants fill in a questionnaire. In between the plenary sessions and coaching sessions there are assignments to put your learning into practice. Topics that will be discussed and practiced, are (amongst others):

  • The Situational Leadership model, development levels and leadership styles;
  • Your own preferred style(s) and their consequences;
  • The most important skills you need for Situational Leadership;
  • How to develop employees;
  • Stagnation or regression in personal development and how to deal with this;
  • Case studies from your daily practice.

As a result of this scan

  • You can better assess the needs of your team members;
  • You are able to adjust your leadership style accordingly;
  • You have insight into your own preferred style(s) and associated pitfalls;
  • You can direct, coach, support and delegate more effectively;
  • You can help your team members with their personal development;
  • You take more time for explicit reflection on your own behaviour;
  • The organisation has more people-oriented (project) managers, who are attentive to the needs of their team members and can adapt their behaviour accordingly.


Then be sure to contact Juul Mulder and ask for an informal conversation.

+31 6 10 94 65 64

What our clients tell us

“The theory of development levels makes you see and recognise more in the field.”


“I have also learned more about myself. It has made me much more aware of my leadership style.”


“The online coaching sessions were very useful, as we could discuss real-life situations.”


“The follow-up calls were very nice. They made the transition from theory to practice easier and put things into perspective.”


“The positive energy and contribution of the Next Ready partner makes a big difference.”

Target audience

New managers or project leaders who want to improve themselves in managing, coaching and (further) developing their team members.