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Talent Development Scan


The battle for talent is a strategic one for all companies. Recruiting, developing and retaining the right talent is crucial for long-term survival. Do you want to know how your organisation is doing in terms of talent development? Do you have the impression that the potential in your organisation is not growing or, worse, is leaving prematurely? Do you want to know how to get the best out of your talents and retain this potential for your organisation? Then this scan is a good start.

This is it

The talent development scan is a structured process, in which we look at how your organisation deals with developing talent. We look at your vision, leadership and commitment. We look at your people, processes, systems and figures. We give you a clear picture of the current situation and advice for the future, short and long term.

This is how it works

The process starts with an extensive intake. What do you want to achieve? What problems are you experiencing? What challenges play an important role? What missed opportunities do you see? What outcomes do you expect? We will also indicate what we need from you. This is followed by a series of interviews and review of processes, systems and documentation. We look at talent development from 4 different angles:

1.    Development need – from the top down/outside:
what does the organisation need, linked to the strategy, the trends in the market and the customer demand?

2.    Development demand – from the bottom up:
what do employees and their managers ask for?

3.    Induction:
how do you recruit talent and what happens to them in the first year?

4.    Growth:
what do employees and their managers need in order to advance within your organisation and allow their potential to flourish?

We report our findings not only afterwards, but also in the interim, so that sufficient support is created to start implementing with our advice.

As a result of this scan

  • You have a clear picture of the strengths and areas for improvement within your organisation with regard to talent development.
  • You have advice on how to better develop and retain the talent in your organisation, at strategic, tactical and operational level.
  • You can implement this advice independently and/or we can be of assistance, should you wish to have us involved.


Then be sure to contact Juul Mulder and ask for an informal conversation.

+31 6 10 94 65 64

What our clients tell us

“NRP strives for co-production, in which they help the organisation a step further, rather than taking over a part or responsibility. Characteristic features are the project-based approach, sharp analyses, high level of involvement and clarity towards the client. Pleasant and instructive to work with.”


“The NRP partner quickly established credibility with senior leaders and all levels of employees. A strong process focus, coupled with high levels of expertise, meant we experienced strong delivery of L&D services. The NRP partner always took time to truly understand the business context and underlying need before designing a proposal. They challenged us rigorously to ensure that targets were realistic and aligned to the needs we had.”


Target audience

Leaders, who want to know how to improve talent development in their organisation.