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Client case

The right enterprise software


At an internationally operating company in the Agri sector, which has grown in a short time to an organization with a turnover of millions, the IT landscape has been unable to keep up with this enormous growth. In the early years, the focus of the organization was logically on the core business and not so much on the processes and IT. It was recognized better than anyone that good processes and innovative business software are necessary to sustain further growth, but how do you approach this in a project-based manner?

René Bol carried out and supervised this process. He has years of experience at the interface of business and IT and quickly understands complex processes. René first outlines the ultimate goal and ensures that the focus remains on it. Through a structured approach and clear communication, he brings projects to a successful conclusion within the agreements made.


In this project René guided the customer in the search for suitable business software, suitable for the agricultural sector. Together with the client, he has started drawing up the business case and inventorying the most important, unique business processes. Use was made of the business canvas model and detailed process drawings.

The scope was then determined. Subsequently, a thorough selection of potential international suppliers was carried out. Requests for information have been sent and quotations have been requested from various suppliers. Offers and conditions were discussed and the most appealing suppliers invited to give a demonstration of their solution. Based on this, the customer ultimately made decisions.

René supervised this project and provided all documentation and communication to relieve the customer as much as possible and to enable them to make the right choice for further growth of the company.


The chosen approach has led to choosing the right partner and the right business software for the customer. Due to the careful and objective approach, the customer is also certain that the new software will meet expectations and fulfill the objectives of the business case. The customer is now on the eve of implementation.

Decisive factors during this project

It is important in this project to bring together the expertise of the customer and that of the Next Ready Consultant, in this case René. Sometimes customers have complex processes and René can quickly understand such processes due to his analytical skills and convert them into understandable language for software suppliers. The close cooperation between client and consultant has made this project a success.