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Maarten Broekhuizen

Maarten Broekhuizen is an open, honest and result-oriented project and program manager with more than fifteen years of experience. After starting his career at Exact Software, he improved his project skills at PwC through national and international ERP implementations and business transformations in numerous sectors. 

Maarten has experience with most common ERP systems, such as SAP, JD Edwards, Microsoft Business Central, D365 Finance & Operations and Deltek Maconomy. 

Maarten likes complex digitization projects, involving changes that affect the primary processes of your organization. Such (digitization) projects lay the foundation for your organization to build on. Results are necessary, because only after the success of such a project there is time and space to realize the rest of your portfolio. That is what Maarten can realize for you. 

Maarten delivers quality. He is prepared, professional, acts with personal integrity and has no hidden agenda. Through storytelling and with energy and enthusiasm, Maarten inspires project members and create high-performing (project) teams. In addition to the desired result, a collaboration with Maarten also leads to fun and much-needed relaxation within your project.

Client cases

When an unstructured way of working no longer suffices

Our customer managed his production department through a mix of legacy software, Excel sheets, Access databases, email and shared network drives. In the past 8 years, several attempts have been
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Get useful answers from your data

In cooperation with an international knowledge institute from Delft, we carried out a project to see whether it is possible to make predictions regarding budget overruns on projects, by means
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Great team and methodologies lead to success

The client was dealing with an outdated ERP system, poorly adjusted to the current business situation. Maintenance costs to keep the ERP system up and running were increasing, partly caused
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