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Setting up a team for success


Are we productive as a team? Do my team members feel like they belong? Do we have fun together? Do we learn from each other and make each other better? Do we support creative problem solving? If you have to answer “no” to any of these questions, then there is room for improvement within your team.

This is setting up a team for success

A good team is characterised by a diverse group of people (in terms of expertise, background and personal preferences) working together towards a common goal. Team members respect one another and feel safe. They are free to make mistakes and offer different ideas, without consequences. The atmosphere in the team is open and solution-oriented. Team members dare to be vulnerable and use everyone’s qualities. So-called ‘high performing teams’ know what is expected of them and work together in the awareness that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, which creates positive energy, job satisfaction and success within the team.

This is how it works

Next Ready Partners offers both short-term and more in-depth team interventions. For example, at the start of a project or a team building session, we can make a quick inventory of your team, providing insight into the composition of the team. We dig into the purpose of the team. We often use models such as Belbin or Insight Discovery, but we are just as happy to connect to the models that are already known within your organisation. We also offer more in-depth programmes, for example, the coaching of project teams or management teams. In coaching such a team, we take a longer look at diversity, mutual communication, effective meetings, conflict management, personal contributions, constructive feedback, psychological safety, and/or other obstacles in collaboration.

As a result after this team intervention

  • You have insight into each other’s talents and personal preferences.
  • The team has a common language which makes it easier to address undesirable behaviour.
  • You’ll have the momentum and energy to work better together and achieve results faster.
  • You will have tools to evaluate the team’s cooperation and to work on continuous improvement.


Then be sure to contact Juul Mulder or Maarten Broekhuizen and ask for an informal conversation.

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Wat klanten zeggen

“I appreciated that the project kick-off also included behavioural aspects and how important people are when it comes to making a project a success”
“The mix between interaction and the theoretical basis – experienced trainers who are able to discuss the theory and bring it to life through their experiences”
“Thank you very much for the pleasant way in which you take the team along and confront them.”


(Project) managers, executives, management teams. Anyone who wants to know how they can work together more enjoyably, more effectively and thus increase the success of their project, department or organisation.