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System pre-implementation review


An IT system implementation can be an important change in your organisation. Before a new system is put into use, you want to be sure that it meets the requirements and that the organization is ready for this change. Your accountant also expects an increased level of certainty about your processes and data. Are you (jointly) responsible for the success of an IT implementation? Do you have questions like: Does the system contribute sufficiently to the business strategy? Is the data processing reliable? Do we have the system management in order? Is the organisation ready for this change? If so, an external review provides an independent assessment of the quality of the implementation. If the result is satisfactory, you can finalise the implementation and go ‘live’ with confidence.

This is our implementation review

A system implementation review of NRP is an independent assessment of the system set-up, the system management processes, and its control measures. We test the design of the new system on the basis of our ‘best practice’ financial and logistics frameworks. We help avoid common pitfalls and make pragmatic recommendations so that you can start using the system with confidence. We make visible which control measures have been implemented, which risks still exist and what you can do to mitigate these risks.

This is how it works

When implementing a business-critical IT solution, it is important to have confidence in the relevant processes, data processing and adoption. People from different functions have an interest in the implementation of a system. The interests of operations, management and the finance department may differ and it is therefore difficult to form an integral picture of the risks and the most optimal design of a system. By interviewing those involved and studying all relevant documentation, we create an overview of the situation and the necessary steps to achieve a reliable system. We act as a critical partner. We do this not only on the basis of our knowledge and experience, but also on the basis of proven standards and frameworks. Our review results are discussed with the most important stakeholders, to create support and understanding. This way, you gain insight into risks and the necessary steps to successfully complete the implementation.

As a result of this review

  • You have insight into the status and quality of the implementation process.
  • You have insight into the most important process risks and how you can mitigate them (automated).
  • We have shared our observations, experiences and recommended actions based on industry standards.
  • You have an overview of the relevant IT controls that are necessary to ensure safe and effective IT management.
  • Confidence in the change and application of the new system will be increased.


Then be sure to contact Ferry van der Ende and ask for an informal conversation.

+31 6 28 23 55 49

What our clients tell us

“An independent review on different aspects of the ERP implementation has provided surprising and useful insights. Thanks to the report and dialogue with NRP, we have made the necessary changes and taken measures to obtain lasting certainty about our financial data.”


“A critical review strengthens the confidence that we are going in the right direction and because of the pragmatic and transparent approach it was pleasant working together.”

Target audience

Financial directors, project sponsors, steering committee members and IT directors, who want to know whether the implementation contributes to the strategic goals of the organisation and whether the new system provides guarantees for reliable data processing.